Son of Kung Fu Fridays goes Underground

This Friday (August 13th) Kung Fu returns to the space at 186 Spadina with Son of Kung Fu Fridays! The Toronto Underground and Colin Geddes, curator of Midnight Madness and the original Kung Fu Fridays have teamed up to present the Shaw Brothers classic Mad Monkey Kung Fu.

Chen (director Lau Kar-leung) and his sister (Kara Hui) are traveling stage performers in an opera troupe who wander into a town where a villainous gangster and brothel-keeper Tuen (Lo Lieh) frames Chen for a rape, so that his sister will agree to be his concubine. His hands crippled by Tuen’s men, and no longer able to perform, he becomes a lowly street entertainer, performing with his beloved trained monkey. A petty thief named Little Monkey (Hsiao Ho) meets Chen and the two begin an odd friendship. Chen takes Little Monkey under his wing and teaches him the secrets of “Monkey-boxing”, and he then sets out to avenge his master, mad monkey kung fu style!

Now that Kung Fu has found a new permanent home in the city, this is sure to be the first of many screenings put on by Geddes.

For more info check out the Toronto Underground Cinema website and the Son of Kung Fu Fridays event page on Facebook.


Hit the jump to see the trailer for Mad Monkey Kung Fu.