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Super Dinosaur #1 Review

Super Dinosaur #1 - Robert KirkmanIn the last few months Image Comics has released a string of super-hot sell out new titles. This week, wunderkind writer and Image partner, Robert Kirkman weighs in with his mad-cap silly Super Dinosaur series. And by silly… I mean over-the-top awesome fun!

Not all comics today need to be dark, grim tales aimed at the 20-something market to be successful must-reads. It is exciting to see Image Comics bringing out a book that is clearly meant to appeal to younger readers, and that doesn’t condescend to its audience, or is a product of the latest hero movie marketing drive. Super Dinosaur #1 is fun, fast moving, smart, and excellently illustrated. Yes it is silly, but this comic will delight young and older readers alike!

Written by Robert Kirkman, and illustrated by Jason Howard, Super Dinosaur features a world of… well… super intelligent dinosaurs! The first issue does a nice job of setting up this fantastic world of power armoured T-Rex’s and robotic sidekicks. The comic really shines with its protagonist – Derek Dynamo – who leaps from adventure to adventure, having the time of his life. The story also includes a more ‘serious’ plotline, as the young boy-genius keeps trying to cover for his father-genius’ failing mental faculties. Still, the book remains largely light hearted and action focused, with splash pages of the son’s T-Rex best friend blazing missiles and crushing bad guys.

Kirkman, famous for his work on Invincible and The Walking Dead, is an industry legend. Everything he pens is pure gold, and even his less commercially successful titles have been met with fanboy acclaim. Kirkman moves between genres with ease, and in all his projects, what connects readers into these fantastical worlds are his richly detailed and deeply human characters. The Walking Dead is less about the zombies and more a study of the horror in the human heart. By the end of the first issue, Super Dinosaur establishes itself as a “coming of age” that we can all relate to. The power armoured T-Rex firing rockets as he hurtles into battle is just the candy coating on this wholesome all ages comic book!


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