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Pitch Perfect 2 Review

Pitch Perfect 2 is an entertaining film in the tradition of other unnecessary comedy sequels. A shadow of its predecessor that reaches for emotional payoffs that are unearned and cheap laughs that are still funny.

The Last Five Years Review

The Last Five Years may have been made for twentysomethings, but it's a well crafted, well acted musical with a good story that anyone can get in to.

Cake Review

There's a good reason why Jennifer Aniston didn't get an Oscar nomination this year. It's because Cake is almost unwatchably terrible.

TIFF 2014: Cake Review

Cake Special Presentations A great, but not exactly against type turn from Jennifer Aniston can’t salvage this slovenly, misshapen dramedy about an angrily depressed pill popping woman with chronic pain and a wealth of repressed feelings. Claire (Aniston) has separated from her husband and lost her child following a tragic accident. She goes through her […]