Catherine O’Hara

Blu-Ray Round-Up: 2/10/14

We FINALLY start digging ourselves out of the backlog of DVDs and Blu-Rays we received over the past month with the first of two special home entertainment columns this week. Today we look at the hilarious Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, the intense Captain Phillips, the Adam Scott comedy A.C.O.D., Kuosawa's classic Throne of Blood on Criterion, and Dylan McDermott trapped in a Freezer.

The Right Kind of Wrong Review

Every year, several romantic comedies are released that dig the grave for the genre even deeper, and this year, Canadian cinema has made its own vile contribution with The Right Kind of Wrong.

This Week in DVD: 1/8/13

As we dig out from piles of new releases from before and after the holiday season, we take looks at the home video releases for Looper, Frankenweenie, Cosmopolis, Dredd, Pitch Perfect, Compliance, The Words, Hit and Run, and season one of Anger Management

Frankenweenie Review

Frankenweenie might be Tim Burton's best film since Edward Scissorhands and his most assuredly made since Big Fish. It's an absolute winner and a really seasonal treat from a director out to give his audience exactly what they want and expect from him.

Interview: Martin Short & Catherine O’Hara

We talk to Canadian comedy icons and SCTV alums Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara about playing the parents of Victor Frankenstein in Tim Burton's stop motion animated Frankenweenie, what it's like doing voice work, some of their career highlights, and much more.