David Oyelowo

Selma Review

A wonderful and precise historic drama, Selma is a humanist retelling of an important (and still relevant) moment in American history.

Jack Reacher Review

In one of the most bizarre studio and ego driven productions to be released from a major studio this year, Jack Reacher manages to be too surreal to appeal to action fans and it’s too lunkheaded to appeal to proper cineastes. It’s simultaneously a better version of Alex Cross and a worse reimagining of MacGruber. It’s equally as awesome and awful as that sounds.

The Paperboy Review

Fleetingly campy and sleazy at the opening and closing, The Paperboy is ultimately too boring during the middle hour of the film to leave any sort of lasting impression outside of the film's most bizarre moments.

Interview: Zac Efron & David Oyelowo

We talk to the dreamy Zac Efron and British actor David Oyelowo about their latest film, the controversial The Paperboy, working with director Lee Daniels, acting period appropriate for the 1960s, and the whole "getting peed on thing" that everyone has been talking about.