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Doors Open 2012

We take a look at Toronto's popular Doors Open weekend (going on this Saturday and Sunday) and give you some tips and places to stop during one of the city's coolest self-guided walking tours.

Will’s TIFF 2010 Picks

With the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival just under a week away, I figured that now would be as good time as any to write up a list of films that I think are worth checking out this year. The 2010 edition of the fest has some truly wonderful offerings from around the world. You […]

Fan Expo 2010 Photos Part Two

Here is the second part of our huge Fan Expo 2010 photo post. Click here to see Part One. You can see hundreds more like these over on the Dork Shelf Facebook Page. Relive Fan Expo 2010 minus the crowds and lines!

Fan Expo 2010 Photos Part One

Another Fan Expo has come and gone, but we’ll always have the memories—oh, and the photos. If you’re missing the convention already, you can relive your Fan Expo 2010 experience with this gallery of photos and see hundreds more over on the Dork Shelf Facebook Page. All the fun of Fan Expo with none of […]

Fan Expo 2009
What’s on your Dork Shelf?

Fan Expo 2010, one of the premiere comic conventions in Canada, starts tomorrow. The pop-culture extravaganza features fans and guests from all walks of dorkdom: comic books, sci-fi films and TV, horror, anime and video games will all be represented at the convention. We were out in full force last year, talking with creators, artists, […]

August Monthly Music

Since when was summer this close to being over? I guess in the literal mist of this disgusting humidity, time has actually been passing. August will be a bit of a slower month for music here in Toronto, but that’s perfectly fine with me as I’m going to need my rest before the concert madness […]

July Monthly Music

So, did anyone make it out to North by Northeast (NXNE)? If you did, what did you think? Suffering from concert and new band withdrawal? Well, Monthly Music is back to remedy just that with some exciting music to pump up your summer. So, without further adieu… Three Toronto bands you should know by now: […]

Will’s North by Northeast 2010 Picks

North by Northeast 2010 is upon us! That means I have ringing ears and a sore ass ahead of me, thanks to the over 600 live music acts and an ample assortment of music themed documentaries that are taking Toronto by storm this week. This is simply a list of things I plan on checking […]

Jessica’s North by Northeast 2010 Picks

It’s that exciting time again! No really, I’m pretty darn excited. It’s North by Northeast this week – Canada’s version of South by Southwest – where hundreds of bands showcases their music around the city and just as many journalists and fans crazily run around (or you know, enjoy themselves). This year has a lot […]

Dork Shelf visits T.O. Jam 2010

We paid a visit to the 2010 Toronto Independent Game Development Jam to talk with the organizers and participants at this awesome event. Got an urge to get your game on this weekend? Look no further than the 2010 Toronto Indie Game Development Showcase happening the evening of Saturday June 5th at the Imperial Pub […]

T.O. Jam 2010 Arcade is this Saturday

Got an urge to get your game on this weekend? Look no further than the 2010 Toronto Indie Game Development Showcase happening the evening of Saturday June 5th at the Imperial Pub brought to you by the fine folks at TO Jam. The evening will be a showcase for the amazing games created during the […]

The Fox Theatre’s 80’s Fest Ticket Giveaway

Relive your childhood and start your summer off right by checking out The Fox Theatre‘s upcoming 80’s Fest. The fest runs from May 28th to June 3rd and will feature 35mm prints of classics such as Ghostbusters, Heavy Metal, Buckaroo Banzai, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, Return of the Living Dead, Conan the Barbarian, The Karate […]

May Monthly Music

We’re kicking off this music month mid-way this time, as I’ve unfortunately been sick with a cold. Sorry readers! But, it’s here now, and we will celebrate by taking these recommendations in stride and soaking them all up before June kicks some new ones your way (in fact, North by Northeast is coming up next […]

Hot Docs 2010 Picks

The 2010 Hot Docs International Documentary Festival starts on Friday, April 29th. Showcasing the best in documentary filmmaking from Canada and around the world, Hot Docs is playing some really wonderful films this year. Like last year, Dork Shelf has compiled a list of the suitably dorky films that we’re planning to see at this […]

Toronto Underground Cinema
set to Open

Anyone who has walked down Spadina Avenue near Queen Street has probably noticed that mysterious Golden Classics sign. I knew that there had once been a movie theatre at 186 Spadina Avenue, I just didn’t know if the space still existed. The 700+ seat cinema, first known as the Golden Harvest and later as the […]