Guy Maddin

Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson Interview

With co-collaborator Evan Johnson adding a complementary variable, The Forbidden Room adds to Guy Maddin's ever-evolving oeuvre of experimental cinema, . We spoke with them about how this film fits in with today's screenscape.

Interview: Christopher Heron of The Seventh Art

A look inside the process of independently producing the newest format of web content: the video magazine. The Seventh Art offers an alternative to traditional film analysis with in-depth interviews, video essays and profiles achieved with a precision that makes them archival-worthy. Founder Christopher Heron talked to us a bit about the impetus behind the magazine and the state of online film exploration.

This Week in DVD: 7/25/12

It might be a day late, but check out our rundown of some of this week's biggest DVD and Blu-ray releases as Andrew Parker looks at Keyhole, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Extraterrestrial, while Phil Brown looks at a holdover from last week with Casa de mi Padre.

Interview: Guy Maddin

Dork Shelf talks to Winnipeg auteur and recent Order of Canada recipient Guy Maddin about his latest film, Keyhole (out on DVD and Blu-ray this week) and what it's like crafting a deeply personal story about abandonment from his classical inspiration, The Odyssey and how that morphed into being a cross between a gangster film and a haunted house film.

Keyhole Review

Guy Maddin's Keyhole starts as his most accessible film today with an updating of 30s gangster films before gently giving into the filmmaker's unique visual style. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.