The Forbidden Room

TIFF 2015: The Forbidden Room Review


To call Guy Maddin Canada’s most iconoclastic filmmaker almost doesn’t do him justice – in many way’s he’s the world’s most iconoclastic filmmaker. His films are like strange artifacts, films dug up in some time capsule from another age.

The weirdness of his work doesn’t necessarily connote quality – some of the experiments work better than others – but you’re surely going to see something you’ve never seen before with any of his movies, or at least something that you haven’t seen since the dawn of moving pictures.

The Forbidden Room may well be his most bonkers tale to date, if only because it’s really many tales. This Russian Doll approach defies easy summary, and much of the pleasure lies in having it wash over you like the water outside the submarine that serves as one of the main locations. You’ve got dreams within dreams, some even the wonderings of spewing volcanoes, yet as preposterous as it all is it doesn’t cease being fun.

Along with co-director Evan Johnson, a long-time collaborator of Maddin’s, you get with Forbidden Room a film that’s decidedly kooky and daringly audacious, exactly what you’d expect from such a talent.


SEP 16 9:15 PM @ TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 2
SEP 18 3:15 PM @ AGO Jackman Hall


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