Josh Holloway

Home Entertainment Review: Sabotage

Sabotage (David Ayer, 2014) – There’s an interesting problem with Sabotage that most films never quite suffer from. Once you go through the few supplemental features on the film’s Blu-Ray (which was not made available to press and I had to go out and buy on my own), you’ll get wind that there was a […]

Battle of the Year Review

Possibly the lowest point in dance movie history, Battle of the Year is unnecessarily long and incredibly dull. It's one thing for a dance film to have a cliche plot and bad acting. It's inexcusable for the dancing to seem dull and lifeless.

Paranoia Review

Other potential titles for the abysmally idiotic thriller Paranoia that must have been taken: “Patently Implausible on This or Any Other Earth,” “Captain Obvious,” and “Seriously, Guys, Is This Some Sort of Joke?”