Matt Johnson

Slamdance 2022: Therapy Dogs Review

High school is an intense time. Not just because it is the cliff between childhood and adult responsibilities, and not just because it is a time in your life when you are completely surrounded by peers who are all absolutely saturated in a chemistry set’s worth of hormones, but also because everything suddenly feels like […]


Toronto film Diamond Tongues is coming home for a highly anticipated run at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. We're giving away tickets to film's premiere, followed by Q and A with the cast and filmmakers.

Thought Bubble: How To Fix Canadian Cinema

Canadian movies and TV have a bad rep. CANADALAND's Jesse Brown talked to Jay Baruchel about how we fix this, and inadvertently hit upon something that could actually be the key to improving our onscreen cultural landscape.

TFCA Announces 2013 Film Award Winners

The Toronto Film Critics Association have announced Inside Llewyn Davis as their pick for best film of the year and announced their three finalists for Best Canadian Feature to be announced in January, Here's a look at all of the winner's from this year's voting.

The Dirties Review

Comedies don’t get much darker, thought provoking, and ultimately harrowing than Toronto director Matt Johnson’s The Dirties.