Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant Review

TIFF favourite Sleeping Giant is one of the most impressive debut films to come out of Canada in a long time.

TIFF 2014: Short Cuts Canada Program 1 Reviews

Considering that the major showpieces of this year’s opening Short Cuts Canada program are a restorations of a pair of iconic national classics, it only stands to reason that the rest of the films should fall in nicely behind them. Recently restored to its 3D glory for the digital age, Norman McLaren’s stereoscopic opus Around […]

Interview: Justin Ludwig

Step into the pit as we talk to Canadian documentarian, punk rock frontman, and proud atheist Justin Ludwig about his film ChristCORE and how he learned to have a better understanding of the world of Christian punk and metal despite not being a believer himself. We also talk about the crossover success of Christian rock, how the bands politically believed a lot of the same things he did, and how to potentially really screw over Chik-Fil-A.