Stephen McHattie

TADFF 2019: Come To Daddy Review

Director Ant Timpson’s debut feature Come To Daddy is a weird and wild ride, full of surprises and superb performances from stars Elijah Wood and Stephen McHattie.

Fantasia 2019: Come To Daddy Review

Come to Daddy follows Norval (Elijah Wood), a man who decides to visit his estranged father (Stephen McHattie) in the middle of nowhere after receiving a strange letter.

Wolves Review

There's no excuse for the werewolf movie Wolves to be as dull and self-serious as it is.

TIFF 2014: Big Muddy Review

Big Muddy Discovery With Big Muddy we witness birth to a genre that could best be described as ‘Prairie Noir’ and the feature debut of a burgeoning Canadian talent. In the little Saskatchewan town of Big Muddy, everyone has a secret, each one the dirtier then the next one come home to roost.  Martha (Nadia […]

Films in Brief: 4/18/14

It’s been a busy week with all of us gearing up for our massive Hot Docs coverage, but here’s a look at what else is playing on local screens this week that we haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet, including the Disneynature documentary Bears, the romantic drama The Face of Love, the Canadian teen road flick Hold Fast, the psychological thriller Stress Position, the literary minded Meetings with a Young Poet, and the ballet documentary Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq.

The Husband Review

A coal black comedy from Canadian filmmaking powerhouse Bruce McDonald with an exceptional script and breakout leading performance from Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, The Husband takes a long hard look at what makes a person a monster and the people who get drawn into the monster’s aftermath, creating deep, traumatic personal demons that can create new monsters.

Haunter Review

Did you know Splice and Cube director Vincenzo Natali had a new film coming out this week? Neither did we until 10pm on the Wednesday night before it was due to be released. And that's probably for good reason, since the dull and ponderous Haunter does the filmmaker and his star (Abigail Breslin) absolutely no favours.

Ecstasy Review

An admirable. low-budget labour of love, the Canadian produced adaptation of Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy trots out every single last cliche from the late 90s drug parable playbook for a thoroughly unsurprising, but decently acted experience.

Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal Review

While the title of the Canadian and Danish co-production Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal might suggest a far goofier and more tongue in cheek film, director Boris Rodriguez has crafted a dark comedy with sly wit and genuine good will for a film about someone who really can’t stop eating flesh in his sleep.

This Week in DVD: 6/19/12

This week on video store shelves, Phil Brown stays home with Jeff, Who Lives at Home before developing Wanderlust, while heads out west to deal with zombies in Exit Humanity and Christian Slater in Dawn Rider before returning home to wreck the place with Project X Also, a few words about the now cancelled Canadian cult series Being Erica and the intriguing family documentary My Reincarnation.

Pontypool with Very Special Guests

As part of the Toronto Underground Cinema's "Good Canadian Cinema" series, we are proud to present director Bruce McDonald's Pontypool which has not only solidified its place in Canadian cinematic history, but is also very quickly becoming a cult hit around the world. Joining us for this special evening, co-presented by Rue Morgue and Chizine Publications, will be the stars of Pontypool famed Canadian actor Stephen McHattie and actress Lisa Houle. We will also be joined by the author of the novel Pontypool Changes Everything and the writer of the film, Tony Burgess.