Pontypool - Stephen McHattie

Pontypool with Very Special Guests

As part of the Toronto Underground Cinema’s “Good Canadian Cinema” series, we are proud to present director Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool which has not only solidified its place in Canadian cinematic history, but is also very quickly becoming a cult hit around the world.

Joining us for this special evening, co-presented by Rue Morgue and Chizine Publications, will be the stars of Pontypool famed Canadian actor Stephen McHattie (Watchmen, A History of Violence, amongst countless others) and actress Lisa Houle. We will also be joined by the author of the novel Pontypool Changes Everything and the writer of the film, Tony Burgess. The stars and author will be joining us for a Q&A following the film. In addition, Mr. Burgess will also be signing copies of a new hardcover addition of Pontypool Changes Everything. On top of that, we will also be screening the latest collaboration between Bruce McDonald and Tony Burgess, People Live Still in Cashtown Corners.

Pontypool is the story of disgraced shock jock Grant Mazzy who, on his first day on the job in the small Ontario town of Pontypool, has to contend with what appears to be a large scale viral outbreak happening directly outside the building. Director McDonald creates an intense claustrophobic experience while creating a sprawling vision of the world outside Grant’s broadcast booth using the scariest things at his disposal: simple words and sounds.

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