Terminator Genisys Review

Terminator Genisys is a passable little piece of schlocky nostalgia, the most charming part of which is the big wink we get from Arnie who is clearly enjoying himself.

Avatar Theatrical Trailer

Update: The Yahoo Movies link won’t work for our Canadian readers, but we’ve embedded the video here for your viewing pleasure. Yahoo Movies has posted the full theatrical trailer for James Cameron‘s upcoming 3D sci-fi adventure Avatar.  Not convinced by that first teaser trailer?  The new trailer offers an expanded look at Cameron’s new film, finally […]

Avatar Preview Reaction

Dork Shelf saw the 15 minute preview of James Cameron’s Avatar yesterday.  Having seen it do we think the film is worthy of the hype?  Well, yes and no. If you were like us and were left generally unimpressed by the teaser trailer for the film, then rest assured that the film looks far superior […]

Terminator Salvation Review

Terminator Salvation wants to be a great film, but it has big shoes to fill.  The first two Terminator films were excellent, while the third was mediocre at best. Terminator Salvation aims to right the wrongs of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, bringing the franchise back to the darker more serious tone of the first […]

Schwarzenegger Cameo in Terminator Salvation Confirmed

MTV Movies Blog has confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing in the upcoming Terminator Salvation in some capacity.  Whether the Governator will appear in the flesh, or only lend his likeness and voice to the T-800 cyborg he has portrayed in the three previous Terminator films, the nature of his cameo appearance is still […]

New Terminator Salvation Trailer

The full theatrical trailer for Terminator Salvation has hit the web in full HD glory.  There was a point when I thought McG and I were done professionally, but this trailer almost makes me forget that he directed the abominations that were the Charlie’s Angels movies.  Almost. Christian Bale looks to be playing John Connor […]