Val Kilmer

Top Gun: Maverick Review

Tom Cruise makes Top Gun: Maverick feel like the first big-screen must-see film this side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

comPOSERS Episode 22: Tombstone

This week, we travel to Tombstone, Arizona to relive the gunfight at the OK Corral with Bruce Broughton's score for the iconic cowboy film. Movie. Film. Hard to say.

Home Entertainment Review: Alexander – The Ultimate Cut

Alexander: The Ultimate Cut (Oliver Stone, 2004) – The art of filmmaking is a complex beast at the best of times.  A piece of cinema can be seen as a living breathing entity with a myriad of opportunities and possible outcomes inside what was shot and how it’s ultimately assembled.  The best of directors struggle […]

Palo Alto Review

Writer/director Gia Coppola's feature debut, Palo Alto is a stunningly honest tale of the high school angst and the uncertainty of life on the outside of it.

This Week in DVD: 8/21/12

This week on DVD we look at the stellar Oscar winning foreign drama A Separation, Richard Linklater's unfortunately slept on Bernie, the direct to DVD efforts Breathless, A Girl Walks into a Bar, and the Dolph Lundgren starring One in the Chamber. Oh, and some indie film called The Hunger Games

The Nic Cage Project: The Bad Lieutenant

To celebrate TIFF’s ongoing Bangkok Dangerous: The Cinema Of Nicolas Cage series, Alan Jones has resurrected his retrospective of the actor’s work entitled The Nic Cage Project. In this edition, Jones takes a look at Werner Herzog’s hypnotizing genre exercise The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans – playing tonight at the Lightbox.