Stargirl on The CW

Stargirl Ready to Take Flight

The already expansive DC Universe is about to get even bigger as Stargirl takes flight this May. Based on the DC comic by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, and set on a Parallel Earth to the Arrowverse, the latest addition to The CW’s superhero roster has been generating buzz since it was announced in 2018.

Part of the excitement stems from the fact that Johns himself is serving as writer and executive producer on the series. The scribe behind many of DC Comics most celebrated recent story arcs, Johns is the perfect person to birth and nurture the television adaptation of his baby.

In addition to Johns’ guidance, the cast is a big reason to get pumped for the series. Stepping into the titular role of Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore is Brec Bassinger. Having proved she is more than capable of carrying a series with Nickelodeon’s charming Bella and the Bulldogs, Bassinger is the perfect choice to bring out character’s kick-ass charm. Helping Stargirl reach her full potential is Luke Wilson as Courtney’s stepfather and former superhero, Pat Dugan (a.k.a. S.T.R.I.P.E.). Other recurring actors include Amy Smart as Courtney’s mother Barbara, Henry Thomas as Doctor Mid-Nite and Joel McHale as the legendary Starman.

What Do You Need to Know About Stargirl?

The Courtney Whitmore version of Stargirl first made her comic book debut in the 1999 Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0. Taking the name and appearance of Johns’ late sister, who died tragically in the 1996 TWA Flight 800 explosion, Courtney is an average teenager in stature, but wields a very big stick…err…Cosmic Staff.


Although the character made appearances in Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow, where she was played by Britt Irvin and Sarah Grey respectively, this is the first incarnation to focus on the character’s formative high school years.

In The CW series, Courtney must adapt to a new town, new school and a new stepfather. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, she acquires great power when she discovers Starman’s Cosmic Staff while rummaging through boxes from the move. Although the Cosmic Staff is only supposed to work for Starman, it clearly chooses her to carry on the heroic torch. Her destiny now includes fulfilling the legacy of former superhero group, the Justice Society of America, and saving the world from evildoers like the Injustice Society.

The Injustice Society will no doubt be keeping Stargirl busy as infamous members Brainwave, Sportsmaster, Tigress, Dragon King and Icicle are all set to make appearances on the show. Though equipped with the Cosmic Staff and a Cosmic Converter Belt, Stargirl will not be taking them on alone. Pat’s 15-foot robot suit S.T.R.I.P.E. is prominent in the promotional material so expect several superhero team-ups to occur.

When Does Stargirl Start?

The 13-episode series was originally slated to hit The CW on May 12 but had its premiere pushed back a week. The series will now debut on Monday May 18. Based on the early reviews of the pilot, Stargirl looks to be a fun series with a much lighter tone than most shows set in the Arrowverse. We’ve still got a few weeks to wait now, but it’s fair to say our anticipation for the series has reached cosmic proportions.