The Dork Shelf Guide to Planet in Focus 2013

Planet in Focus

The Planet in Focus festival kicks off once again today showcasing some of the world’s best filmmaking with the environment fully in mind. For the past 14 years, the festival has brought some of the most thoughtful programming to local screens in an effort to make people think about ways to better the Earth for generations to come.

While the festival certainly gets by predominantly on its slate comprised predominantly of documentaries, there are also plenty of other special events, talks, and educational opportunities throughout the festival.

On Thursday and Friday, school groups are invited on a Festival Field Trip, where elementary schoolers can check out the works of TVO’s The Water Brothers (who are returning from last year), and high schoolers can check out Rob Stewart’s Revolution.  On Friday, a special Industry Day will allow film professionals to network, pitch, and engage in master classes and special talks. Saturday brings a special family screening of John Prowse and John Bessai’s Green Heroes: Back to Nature, and four special screenings with long form discussions about the issues brought up in the films being screened, including GMO OMG (which also opens at The Bloor this weekend, review on Friday) and Carpe Diem. And Sunday brings a return screening of the exceptional animal advocacy documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, and a very special screening of the Canadian Inuit classic Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner.

But with all of these return engagements, special events, and what are sure to be passionate open discussions about important environmental matters, there are still movies to be watched. So please check out our reviews of several of the films we were able to catch in advance of this year’s festival! For more information and tickets, please check out the festival website!


Planet in Focus 2013

Arctic Defenders (Opening Night Film)

Emptying the Skies

Gringo Trails


Last Call (Closing Night Film)

No Land, No Food, No Life

A River Changes Course

Salmon Confidential