The Ice Road Trailer: A Cold Day in Hell

Sorry Denzel, but Liam Neeson is the greatest old-man action movie star of his generation. I know this is a hot take, but I say this as someone with a deep appreciation for the old-man action movie genre. I’ll take The Gray and A Walk Among the Tombstones over The Equalizer and The Magnificent Seven any day.

Neeson is back and kicking ass in Jonathan Hensleigh’s frosty new action-thriller, The Ice Road. The film also stars Laurence Fishburne as a man named Goldenrod, which is already enough to make me want to see this movie.

Fishburne’s action movie resume isn’t as stacked as Neeson’s, but it does feature some iconic moments. He’s best known for his legendary role as Morpheus in The Matrix films. But In my book, no matter what else Fishburne achieves in his career, he’ll always be remembered for this.

The Ice Road trailer:

Between the plodding big-rigs and its sixty-year-old action heroes, The Ice Road looks like a Fast and the Furious movie with arthritis, and I’m still all in on it. I can’t wait to watch Neeson and Fishburne put their dad-strength to use as they pummel men half their age.


The Ice Road synopsis:

After a remote diamond mine collapses in far northern Canada, a ‘big-rig’ ice road driver (Liam Neeson) must lead an impossible rescue mission over a frozen ocean to save the trapped miners. Contending with thawing waters and a massive storm, they discover the real threat is one they never saw coming.

The Ice Road will be released in Canada as follows:
June 25 – EST and VOD English
July 27 – EST and VOD French; DVD and Blu-ray