The Wolf Man Trailer

I’m not a fan of horror films at all, but after seeing this trailer I definitely plan to check out director Joe Johnston‘s (Hidalgo) remake of The Wolf Man.

The film stars one of my all time favorite actors: Benicio Del Toro.  His performances are a rare commodity these days with so much crap out there.  Although he’s doesn’t do very many movies, he commands his roles in every film blessed with his involvement (21 Grams, Che, Sin City, Traffic, The Way of Gun).

Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, and the great Anthony Hopkins join him in this retelling of the 1941 classic.  More exciting is that Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en) wrote the screenplay and that legendary effects artist Rick Baker did the makeup for the film.  What isn’t to like about this movie?

The Wolf Man footage  shown at the 2008 Comic-Con garnered quite a  bit of buzz.  However, the release has been pushed back three times, which may or may not be a bad sign. The film has a solid cast and Johnston is always a pretty entertaining director.  It was recently announced that Johnston is set to helm, “The First Avenger: Captain America” in 2011.  The trailer for The Wolf Man is set to play with Inglourious Basterds.


Tidbit: KISS rocker Gene Simmons will be providing his voice for The Wolf Man, no word as to what or who he’ll be playing.