TIFF 2013: Metallica: Through the Never Review

Metallica Through the Never

Metallica: Through The Never


Director: Nimrod Antal

Trip (Dane DeHaan) is a young roadie living the dream: working on the road with Metallica.  During a show he gets summoned to head out on an urgent mission for the band.  What at first seems like a simple errand ends up being a trippy and surrealist adventure into a post apocalyptic wasteland where his mission gets a lot more dangerous than he ever expected.


An interesting but ultimately failed experiment, this trip Through The Never doesn’t really amount to anything substantial.  Antal is without a doubt a steady hand and the film looks absolutely stellar, putting us on stage with the band as they tear through their catalog.  The 3D pops and the sound is bone crushing just like the band would want it to be. As a concert film it is actually quite immersive and very entertaining, however it is still basically a long form music video.  In a 5-15 minute format this would have been a ground breaking and highly entertaining music video with a quality story, but for a feature length film, it just stretches the narrative too far. But that being said, fans of the band will eat this up because it’s big, loud and it rocks pretty damn hard. (Dave Voigt)

For a full length review from the film’s proper theatrical release (written by Phil Brown), click here.

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