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TIFF 2014: [REC] 4: Apocalypse Review

[REC] 4: Apocalypse

Midnight Madness

Picking up where [REC] 2 left off, no one is safe as the authorities struggle to contain a viral zombie outbreak of now demonic proportions. It won’t set the world on fire in terms of originality or craft, but if this is the final entry in the franchise, it could be seen as ending on a high note.

After television reporter Angela (the returning Manuela Velasco) gets rescued, she’s taken to a mysterious oil tanker where survivors from the first and third films are brought together in hopes of finding a cure.  Little did they know that this remote location just might be a better breeding ground for the outbreak to spead.


REC 4 Apocalypse

[REC] has become the Spanish language equivalent of the Resident Evil series, With director Jaume Balagueró returning after co-directing the first two, the action moves at an fun, electric pace that, like most successful horror movies, never allows the audience to feel safe or catch their breath. It’s a shame that Velasco’s higher profile here isn’t utilized to its full potential outside of one really great scene.

It doesn’t match the raw terror of the original effort, but it’s fun. Four moves in, that’s all we can ask for. (Dave Voigt)



Tuesday, September 9th, Ryerson Theatre, 11:59pm


Wednesday, September 10th, Scotiabank 8, 10:00pm

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