True Blood Episode 4.10 Featured

True Blood Episode 4.10 Recap

True Blood Episode 4.10

True Blood follows up last week’s doofy ghost story with a surprising tearjerker of an episode entitled ‘Burning Down the House’. In the tenth episode Sookie and Eric’s worst fear comes true, Tommy finally gets his and Bill is determined to take out the witch once and for all, no matter the cost.

We left off last week with Antonia and her crew bursting in on the American Vampire League’s ‘Festival of Tolerence’. Antonia commands Zombie-Eric to kill King Bill as Sookie watches helplessly. Just as Eric is about to finish Bill off, Sookie inadvertently uses her powers on him and not only does she save Bill, she breaks Eric’s curse and his memory returns.

Jason and Jessica reflect on their little truck bed rendezvous and Jason is already beating himself up for moving in on his best friend’s ex. He asks Jessica to glamour him into forgetting they slept together (now there’s a skill), not exactly the type of post-coital talk a girl wants to hear. “Fucking humans.” Jess says. “I’m gonna go find me somebody to eat.”

Alcide drives Tommy to the hospital after he got attacked by Marcus and wolfpack but Tommy doesn’t want to go – he knows he’s dying and he asks Alcide to take him home to Merlotte’s instead. They are greeted by Sam who wants to heal Tommy with V but Tommy refuses. “He’s got a right to choose his time,” says Alcide. Sam tries to comfort his brother in his final moments with talk of heaven but Tommy’s having none of it. “There ain’t no heaven and hell’s a dogfight.” (I need this on a bumper sticker). Sam finally forgives his brother for everything that happened between them and Tommy slips away. I’m surprised to say that I’m actually going to miss the little guy. Although someone needs to tell Ball that during a sad death scene, you don’t need to have a character say “This is so fucking sad!” because I think we get it already.


Back at Sookie’s, she faces off with ‘new old Eric’ – he insists that nothing has changed between them, he’s just ‘more’ now. Sookie says she loves him, but she also loves Bill which is why she was able to use her powers to save him. Pam busts in and ruins their little moment, thrilled to have her old Maker back. This is the first good look I’ve had of Pam since the plot where the vampire witch tried to fix her zombie face curse and said she would never quite look the same again. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was all just a way to cover up the actresses’ botched facelift.

When Bill and Nan are through cleaning up the mess at the Dorchester, Nan starts making angry threats but Bill calls her on it. He tells her that she’s not in charge anymore and that none of this would have happened if she’d let him kill the necromancer in the first place. Sookie and Eric go to Bill’s palace and learn that he plans to blow up the Moon Goddess Emporium with Marnie inside. She reminds him that Tara is inside too, but he’s unmoved.

Jason keeps acting all weird around Hoyt but Hoyt’s too wrapped up in his own grief to notice. Hoyt asks if he can stay over because he can’t stop thinking about Jessica, which causes Jason to seek refuge at Sookie’s house and she enlists his help to rescue Tara from the wiccan store before Bill blows it up.

Andy Bellefleur wakes up to his cousin Terry shoving a vial of V in his face – busted. He and Arlene are on to his little habit and they don’t want him hanging around their kids until he gets clean. Terry takes Andy to ‘Fort Bellefleur’, their childhood tree house to talk it out. Andy insists that he is a ‘better man’ on V and Terry hands him a rifle so he can prove it. Yes, that’s the first thing you should give to a crazy drug addict, a gun.


At Moon Goddess Emporium, Tara and Holly are looking up incantations they can use to fight back against Marnie. Tara is skeptical and doesn’t think they’re any match for an ancient witch, but Holly insists that any spell can be undone “if you’ve got the juice.” Meanwhile Marnie/Antonia is arguring with herself in the back room. Antonia’s spirit separates itself from Marnie’s and it turns out it’s Marnie who’s in control. Antonia is distraught over the innocent blood they shed and wants to abandon their plan to exterminate vampires. Marnie gives her a pep talk and convinces her that no one is innoncent – they were sympathizers. They agree to continue on with their plan.

Sookie and Jason are joined by Lafayette and Jesus in their mission to save Tara and the four of them wait outside Moon Goddess Emporium. Jesus decides to use his friendship with Marnie to gain her trust and goes in alone, despite Lafayette’s protests. Marnie greets Jesus outside the store but is wary – in order to prove his worth she tells him he must pass through the magical barrier that surrounds the perimeter of the store. Jesus uses his Mexican demon magic to pass through to the other side.

Sam and Alcide pay a visit to Marcus’ garage to avenge Tommy’s death but Greaseball McMethface is nowhere to be found. He’s over at Alcide’s house about to score with that drugged out skank Debbie.

Back at Fort Bellefleur, Terry and Andy have stopped shooting and started arguing over some deep-seated resentments dating back to their childhood. Andy was always jealous because Terry was handsomer and better at everything while Terry’s pissed off because he was poor while Andy was living large with their grandmamma. It dissolves into a short-lived fist fight which ends in apologies. Andy vows to change and Terry promises to help him. But first he’s making Andy walk back home.


Now inside, Jesus asks if he can talk to Marnie, thinking that she’s been overtaken by Antonia’s spirit and wants to be freed. He quickly realizes that Marnie isn’t quite the victim that he thought she was. “This is not possession,” says Marnie. “This is union.” Jesus uses his thoughts to communicate this to Sookie who’s waiting outside. Tara and Holly successfully use an incantation to break Antonia’s door spell and make a break for it but Antonia goes after them, When they reach the outside barrier, Tara and Holly disappear into thin air along with Sookie and Lafayette. Only a confused Jason is left behind.

A badass black van cruises down the street carrying Eric, Bill, Jessica and Pam. Dressed in matching black leather outfits and walking in slo-mo with their own guitar theme in the background (jealous) you know they’re only there for one thing – to kick some witch ass. Will Bill and Eric blow up the store with Sookie inside? Is Sookie inside or has Marnie transported her elsewhere? Find out next week on True Blood!