True Blood Episode 4.5

True Blood Episode 4.5 Recap

True Blood Episode 4.5 - Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard

Despite numerous betrayals, spilled secrets and a long-awaited hook up, True Blood didn’t really get my blood pumping this week with its fifth episode ‘Me & the Devil’. Not surprising for mid-season of course, but still not saying much if this episode was a yawner despite there being a double murder. At least this week Alan Ball dialled back the inbreeding and has yet to find a cure for Eric’s shirt allergy. As Marnie would say, thank Goddess!

Last week we left with poor old Tommy being held hostage by his cracked-out crook parents Melinda and Joe-Lee. This week Tommy manages to get the upper hand and kills both his parents out of self-defense. I was never a fan of the Mickens family, but this was still hard to stomach. Near-hysterical and ridden with guilt, Tommy enlists Sam’s help in covering up his crime. I realize that their parents totally deserved to eat a bag of dicks, but does anyone else find it odd that Sam doesn’t seem more perturbed by Tommy’s actions? Instead he’s all, ‘when you’re feeding corpses to gators, don’t forget to dress ‘em up with marshmallows!’ (Duly noted.)

Eric has the bright idea of watching Sookie while she’s asleep, which is exactly what you ought to do when your instincts are telling you to kill/bang something and you’ve promised not to do either. Suddenly Eric’s maker Godric appears and urges Eric to attack Sookie. Eric refuses but Godric insists that he is ‘incapable of love’. Eric wakes from his dream (thank goodness) and decides to… get up and actually watch Sookie while she sleeps. Sookie wakes to find him drooling over her and he tells her that he had a bad dream. She invites him to spend the night with her, but no hanky-panky. Le sigh.

Speaking of, Portia Bellefleur is surprisingly undeterred considering she just found out that she boned her great-great-great grandfather and she tries to convince Bill to change his mind about ending their relationship. She gives him a variety of reasons like ‘at least we’re not brother and sister’ or ‘vampires can’t reproduce with humans’ or my favourite, ‘come on, it’s a small southern town, everyone else is doing it!’ I was raised in a small town where the dating pool wasn’t much deeper than the gene pool, and you know what I did? I MOVED. Bill glamours Portia into being afraid of him and she runs away screaming which she should have done from the very beginning.


Jesus convinces Lafayette to go with him to Mexico to visit his grandfather. Why, you ask? Cut to a flashback of young Jesus being forced by his Granddaddy to sacrifice a goat. With warm, fuzzy memories like that, why did he ever leave Mexico? Lafayette is sceptical but Jesus is adamant that his grandfather’s powerful magic will be able to help them with their current predicament. The pair arrive in Mexico to find that Jesus’ creepy grandpa not only resembles one of Bret Michaels’ roadies, but that he’s been expecting them. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

After finding the words ‘Baby not yours’ scrawled on the wall in demonic handwriting, Arlene and Terry decide to call in the big guns and get some God up in here. Reverend Daniels arrives along with his new wife, Tara’s now demon-free mother and the two of them break out the ‘Hallelujahs’. Later that evening, baby Mikey sleeps soundly and Terry and Arlene feel at peace, not realizing that whatever force they’re dealing with is still very present and probably now a bit pissed off.

Things are awkward between Hoyt and Jessica after they rescue Jason. Hoyt is thrilled that Jess saved his best friend but can tell something is up with her. ‘Is there something you’re not telling me?’ She definitely forgot to mention Jason’s newfound attraction to her now that he’s tasted her blood. Jason has a sexy dream about Jessica but unfortunately for him it also involves Hoyt. What do you do when you drink your best friend’s chick’s blood and suddenly have the hots for her? First world problems, man.

Meanwhile Tara’s lie catches up with her when her femme flame back in N’Awlins finds out that Tara’s been lying about her identity. Sookie advises Tara to tell the truth, but when Tara finds out that Sookie has been hiding Eric in her basement she flips out and storms off. Eric overhears Tara list all his past transgressions and demands to know why Sookie is being so nice to him. She says that she knows deep down he is a good person and pretends that him being a stone-cold fox has nothing to do with it. She can’t keep it up for long however, because after a melodramatic embrace they finally play a rousing game of tonsil hockey. What ought to have been a pretty built up moment in True Blood felt a little bit neglected, no? Is it too much to ask for a little bit of nudity, Mr. Ball? I think not.


Dressed as an Italian widow to disguise her melting zombie face, Pam pleads with Bill to do something about Marnie. Bill sends his minion out to kidnap Marnie so that she can be questioned, but even under vampire glamour her story remains the same: she has no idea how she cast the spells. Bill informs the Louisiana sheriffs of the witch problem and everyone seems to agree that killing Marnie is the only solution but Bill forbids it, citing the order he received from the American Vampire League to not shed any human blood. This isn’t good enough for Pam and she throws a fit, accidentally letting it slip that she knows of Eric’s whereabouts which in turn pushes Bill’s berserk button. Pam confesses that Eric has been staying with Sookie, sending Bill off on a rampage. Oh, shit.

I’ll forgive them for being a bit lacklustre this week because they did have a lot of plot stuff to get out of the way and they merged some of the more confusing story lines. Plus next week is the full moon, which can only mean that the people of Bon Temps will be acting a little crazier than usual. Who knows what will happen?*

*It’s safe to say it probably won’t involve Eric putting on a shirt.

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