Wynonna Earp

Tuned In: Melanie Scrofano on Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp follows the life and trials of the great-great granddaughters of the Western icon and renowned gunslinger Wyatt Earp. With a supernatural twist the Earp women of aptly named small town Purgatory have the daunting task of putting down the folks their grand pappy killed who’ve come back at demons – or “revenants” – and wreak havoc and terror on the citizens of the town.

Ottawa’s own Melanie Scrofano plays the namesake of the show, which starts its second season on June 9th at 10 pm on Space. Like the character she portrays, Scrofano shoots from the hip, has a healthy sense of humor, and calls it like she sees it. Susan recently had the chance to sit down with Scrofano to talk about Wynonna Earp‘s second season, her foray into comic book writing, interacting with Earpers, and, of course, what’s on her Dork Shelf. Enjoy!

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Melanie Scrofano Wynonna Earp Interview