Westworld Season 3 Trailer: The Robot Uprising has Begun

"The real gods are coming and they're very angry."

HBO’s beguiling, intriguing, and sometimes frustrating sci-fi series Westworld, is finally coming back.

Westworld ended its second season by providing several highly anticipated answers to lingering questions, but left more mysteries for its audience to ponder.

Surprising no one, HBO hasn’t revealed many details about the upcoming season. What we do know is that Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, and Luke Hemsworth are returning. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) have joined the cast, adding a couple of wildcards into this abbreviated eight-episode season.

Westworld Season 3 trailer:

Westworld launched way back in 2016. So, if you need a quick recap to get you back up to speed, you can see season one and two rundowns over at the show’s official site by clicking here.


This is what HBO has to say about season three. It’s no shock that they haven’t revealed much.

Season 3 plot details are under wraps but when we last saw Dolores and Bernard, they were beginning a new chapter — spoiler alert — outside the park.

Westworld’s eight episode third season begins on HBO on Sunday, March 15th, 2020.