Wheels Trailer: Brooklyn’s Finest

Where Brooklyn At?!

Wheels has been making the rounds on the festival circuit and racking up awards. And after checking out the movie’s intriguing trailer, it’s easy to see why.

Writer-director Paul Starkman’s black and white indie drama tells a relatable coming-of-age story about a young man torn between owning up to his responsibilities and pursuing his dream. But the film’s real hook is that it comes across as a love letter to hip-hop culture.

Wheels trailer:

Based on the trailer, it seems like this movie would make a great double feature with Radha Blank’s Sundance sensation, The Forty-Year-Old Version. Both films are heartfelt tales of self-discovery with an undeniably New York sense of swagger.

You can check out Wheels right now digitally on Itunes, AppleTV, Amazon Prime, Fandango, Vudu, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play, and VOD.



Wheels synopsis:

Wheels follows Max, a young DJ who struggles to support himself and his grandmother by DJing parties for a neighbourhood shark. With the return of his troubled brother, Terry, from prison, Max’s dreams become distant. As Max gets close with Liza, a dance studio manager, he’s inspired by her determination and finds himself at a crossroads between family obligation, the streets and pursuing his dream.