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Dollhouse Review

Dollhouse comicThis one-shot comic is a good introduction into the world of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, and it even sets the stage for a future ongoing series. While I am a fan of the TV show, the comic arguably does a better job of hooking readers into the narrative, than the source material ever did. Gone are some of the stranger undertones that made the series so controversial and criticized.

Instead, we are dropped directly into the ‘identity apocalypse’ that featured in latter half of the second season. The comic’s focus is on a band of survivors, a few of whom are recognizable from the show. The best part of the comic, though, is how easily accessible it was. This story succeeds on its own merits, and I imagine that even someone unfamiliar with the show would find the comic’s plot to be intriguing and suspenseful.

Written by Jed Whedon, who worked with his brother Joss on the TV version, the storyline barely has enough pages to do more than whet our appetites for future issues. Cliff Richard’s art is stunning. Having worked on the original Buffy comic series, Cliff’s style has grown a lot since then. I had to do a double take of the credits, wondering who was illustrating.

Cliff does a great job of capturing Felicia Day’s likeness while also making the comic his own. Too often, comic adaptations are visually stiff and wooden, as the artist tries to be too exacting with the actor’s features and movements. Richard, clearly having past experience translating characters between mediums, does a great job with Dollhouse. This comic is a worthwhile read, whether or not you watched the original show.


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