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Greta: The Top 10 Killer Leading Ladies

Isabelle Huppert's Greta isn't the first cinematic lady who kills – and she won't be the last!

Director Neil Jordan’s new thriller Greta is a super fun ride and don’t let anyone tell you any different! It’s high camp at its best and Isabelle Huppert relishes her role as Greta, a lonely lady who seeks the friendship of younger women before becoming intensely clingy and obsessive. Sweet and naive Frances (Chloe Grace Moretz) falls into Greta’s web when she finds Greta’s lost purse. Greta worms her way into Frances’ life and then begins to terrorize her. Camp only works when everyone takes the material seriously and, oh boy, do Jordan, Huppert and Moretz deliver.

Greta Isabelle Huppert Chloe Grace Moretz


The film arrived in theatres March 1st and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a return to the ’90s, the heyday of the psychological thriller. I love a great female psycho killer, so if you are like me, take a deep dive into this list of some of my favourite cinematic ladies-who-kill.