House of Cards Episode 55

House of Cards Chapter 55 Recap

There is an old, stubborn, sick man in the White House. Underwood suffers a sore throat whilst his adversary Will Conway does a 24-hour live chat just to show how hip to the times he is. On the eve of the election, one cannot help but wonder, is it out with the old and in with the new?

Oldie But A Goodie

“Don’t you want to see the President stay up all night?” –Tom “Hummer” Yates

Yates is quick to point out the POTUS’s age and Claire returns the observation with a smirk and a reminder she’s but a few year’s younger than her husband. But age does count as a factor when it comes to the two’s power hungry struggles. Frank is, for almost the first time, cantankerous throughout the hours leading up to the election, specifically with Claire. She sees he’s a man cold and wants to step in for a speech, but he’s unwilling to pass the torch, saying she doesn’t know how to “finish it.”


Hero For A Day

The details are fuzzy, but Will Conway has been lauded as a hero of war. A “super pack” paid for an ad showcasing his heroic endeavours, but we know better that the Conway team was behind it. Will’s supposed transparency in his Skype-a-thon session tests him to the limits as the Underwood team has LeAnn on the ground making sure the man involved in the so-called “act of bravery” confronts him.

All we know about that day is the Conway was a pilot and somehow ended up on the ground pulling dead bodies aside to save the life of his fellow soldiers after some “flawed intel” caused the mission to go belly up.  We also know that despite his campaign’s willingness to use this piece of info to manipulate the public, and yet he’s all “I don’t wanna talk about it” when hard pressed.

His wife Hannah worries about him, but is she worried about his mental health, or perhaps that he might slip up and say something he shouldn’t?


Winners And Losers

House of Cards Episode 55

Doug is super pissed when Jim Warren doesn’t pull through on deploying troops to his state’s polling stations in exchange for the slag heap clean up. He applies pressure and as Frank informs him, he “pushed too hard” with the Governor.

Then Dougie can’t push hard enough when his girlfriend comes over for a fuck and chuck and she’s like WTF is wrong with you I am DTF and you’re somewhere else. He’s gotta go back to work.

“Are we united or are we divided?” — Frank “Needy AF” Underwood


Frank creeps up on Claire big spooning her fuck toy Yates because he can’t sleep and is a fucking weirdo. Of course Claire’s hair is perfect as ever as the two share a midnight chat. I find it hard to believe Tom didn’t wake up, but maybe he was awake and just knows his place. He hums in his sleep and Frank wants Claire to show him what that sounds like. He’s looking for intimacy, but she sends him off to bed.

But bed he does not go to, rather he calls up Conway. Will wants to know why he wasn’t allowed to negotiate with the terrorists regarding the release of Mr. Miller, and Frank relays it was because ICO was ready to take advantage of him. This head-a-tete is actually pretty boring because the two know they’re both being watched by millions. I like it better when the two bitch fight behind closed doors.

Dead Man Walking

“Who does the future belong to?”— Will “I Think It’s Me” Conway


As if to really underscore the age of the POTUS, Claire and Frank share a private screening of film noir’s, Double Indemnity an homage to one of the first date’s the two had. They’ve memorized the lines and perform the scenes in a kind of superstitious ritual.

Their play is punctuated by Frank being all like, “You think I’m a LOSER?” to Claire when she’s just trying to be nice, GEZ. The two have fallen back in love, but that doesn’t mean Frank’s not going to be hard on Claire. The caveat of “no matter what” after she affirms—A FUCKINGAIN—that she is “with him” he freaks out ‘cause she’s apparently calling him a loser. Between this and Frank asking to see inside LeAnn’s soul, Frank’s acting like a sea witch who collects people’s hearts or something.

The preliminary numbers come down the line. After almost falling off the wagon, Doug’s the one to deliver the bad news to the Prezzie, after telling LeAnne she can’t, cause SHUT UP LEANN. Doug sees the defeat coming and carves his name under one of the drawers in the Oval Office. Well, not his name but a subtle “D.S.” Personally, I would have gone for a “Dougie Wuz Here” but it’s not my choice to make.

The Underwoods sit with the news knowing that this might be it as Fred MacMurray’s voice floats through the air, is he a  dead man walking?


Outside the Oval 

Smirking Perv – Frank isn’t the weirdo in this episode. Did anyone else spot that crazy eyed fucker staring up at Frank when the rest of crowd was chanting, “Underwood”?

Sir Lancelot – Frank gets mean girl by calling Conway a Sir Lancelot and Tom’s quick to say, “meh not really” to which Frank responds, “And who would that title belong to?” SOLID BURN FRANK.

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