Netflix Canada Shares Ranked Lists of “What We Watched in 2019”

Stranger Things 3, Murder Mystery, and 6 Underground Dominate the Year

Netflix is notoriously tight-lipped about their streaming numbers, but today they shed some light on what movies and TV series viewers are watching.

Today Netflix dropped three top ten lists that reveal their most popular 2019 content. The lists rank the service’s Top Ten TV shows and Top Ten movies, and just for good measure, Netflix included an Overall Top Ten list.

Titles that made the lists had to be released on Netflix in 2019 and include Netflix originals and licensed content. If there is a trend on the list, it’s the dominance of Netflix original titles.

The Witcher Trailer Netflix Henry Cavill Geralt
The Witcher


Top 10 TV Shows

  1. Stranger Things 3
  2. The Witcher
  3. The Umbrella Academy
  4. You: Season 2
  5. Dead to Me
  6. Unbelievable: Limited Series
  7. Sex Education
  8. Dirty John
  9. Titans
  10. Black Mirror: Season 5
6 Underground

Top Ten Movies

  1. Murder Mystery
  2. 6 Underground
  3. The Irishman
  4. Triple Frontier
  5. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
  6. The Highwaymen
  7. The Incredibles 2
  8. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
  9. Always Be My Maybe
  10. The Perfect Date


Overall Top Ten

  1. Murder Mystery
  2. 6 Underground
  3. The Irishman
  4. Stranger Things 3
  5. The Witcher
  6. Triple Frontier
  7. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
  8. The Highwaymen
  9. The Incredibles 2
  10. The Umbrella Academy

Of course, Stranger Things 3 is going to kick ass on a most-streamed list. I’m more surprised that a recent title like 6 Underground ranks so high; the film only dropped this month. I can’t help but wonder what made Michael Bay’s latest blockbuster do so well? Is it Netflix’s huge advertising budget, their smart algorithm placing the movie in front of the right viewers, or are that many people starving for some Bay-hem?


The Adam Sandler spy comedy Murder Mystery also did extremely well. I didn’t watch Murder Mystery, but after seeing its popularity on streaming, I feel like I have to at least give it a shot. After watching Uncut Gems, I will give Sandler at least a couple of passes for his wack-ass movies.

Sidenote: It’s great to see The 6ix represented on the TV list. Both The Umbrella Academy and Titans are filmed in and around Toronto.

What movies and TV series did you watch the most in 2019? Let us know in the comments below and on social media at @VictorJStiff and @ThatShelf.