Québexit Trailer: Sharp Political Satire

Today we’re checking out the trailer for writer-director Joshua Demers’ multi-lingual political satire, Québexit.

The story occurs a month after Québec’s separatists barely squeak out a provincial referendum win. Taking place on a small road at the Québec-New Brunswick border, Québexit examines the mounting tensions between anglophones, Québécois Francophones, and Indigenous people.

Québexit trailer:

Demers co-wrote the film with Gail Maurice and Xavier Yuvens, who star in the film as Meetos and Lt. Xavier Hassan, respectively. Québexit also stars Alison Louder, Nicole Joy-Fraser, Daniel Gravelle, Alexandre Côté, and Melanie Bray.

The film was shot by cinematographer Elisa Iannacone and edited by Joshua Demers.


Québexit synopsis:

When a transnational pipeline leads to a successful third Québec referendum, a small road at the Québec-New Brunswick border becomes a lightning rod of conflict between the new Québec military, the Canadian Armed Forces, and two indigenous women who traverse the border frequently.

Québexit is available to rent and purchase on Vimeo.