Real Steel Canadian Premiere Interviews

Real Steel - Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lily

A couple of weeks ago Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone Pictures, and Dreamworks had the Canadian premiere of their latest film Real Steel at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto. The event was attended by Canadian actors Kevin Durand (from Thunder Bay) and Dakota Goyo (from Newmarket) and the film’s Canadian director Shawn Levy (from Montreal). It was also attended by a guy best known for playing a really pissed off Canadian (despite being Australian): Hugh Jackman.

In the latest film from the director of the Night at the Museum films and producer Stephen Spielberg, Jackman plays a washed up boxer reconnecting with his estranged son (Goyo) by helping to teach an equally washed up “sparring bot” to compete for the world title in the World Robot Boxing League.

Dork Shelf was on the red carpet asking the Real Steel crew some “hard hitting” questions. Check out our coverage (including a look at the film itself) below, and come back on Friday for our thoughts on the film!

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