Cillian Murphy

Anna Review

Is Anna a return to form for its troubled director – or frivolous and forgettable like his more recent work?

Free Fire Review

Director Ben Wheatley returns with his simplest and most purely entertaining effort to date

Aloft Review

Claudia Llosa takes us on an ethereal, sleepy, at times inexplicable, sub-arctic journey into the mystical world of healing in her English language directorial debut, Aloft.

Home Entertainment Review: Transcendence

Transcendence (Wally Pfister, 2014) – More than anything else, Transcendence is a lesson in how tone can kill a movie. The premise is goofy, the science is half-cocked, and the message is obvious. However, it is a blockbuster, so those things wouldn’t matter quite so much if it were bright, colorful, and silly. But Transcendence […]

Transcendence Review

Transcendence is so universally awful and painful to sit through that it becomes the rare kind of film where partway through you keep questioning if it’s worse than other similarly abysmal misfires.

This Week in DVD: 10/16/12

This week we look at the heavily anticipated DVD and Blu-ray releases of Moonrise Kingdom and Prometheus, which lead off a crowded week where we also look at the Adam Sandler comedy That's My Boy, and four partially Canadian productions: the complete series of The Firm, Red Lights, Surviving Progress, and Crooked Arrows

Red Lights Review

Red Lights squanders a great concept, good performances, and wonderful atmosphere in favour of a twist ending so wrongheaded and incoherent that it kills and sets fire to everything that came before it.

Interview: Rodrigo Cortes and Cillian Murphy

We talk to Buried director Rodrigo Cortes and actor Cillian Murphy about their work together on the psychic thriller Red Lights and just what it takes to make a film that gives equal time to believers, skeptics, and academics.


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