Denis Cote

Ghost Town Anthology Review

Denis Côté’s Ghost Town Anthology is an unsettling mood piece that replaces thrills with intrigue, shrouding itself in an eerie, enigmatic narrative.

Hot Docs 2014: Joy of Man’s Desiring Review

Joy of Man’s Desiring Canadian Spectrum Not a documentary in the strictest sense of the word, the latest film from consistently intriguing filmmaker Denis Côté asks if one can truly understand the depression, anxiety, and mindset of every day labourers without ever actually seeing their work? Can one understand a fiction without understanding the truth, […]

53 Hot Tickets at Hot Docs 2014

Giuseppe Makes a Movie Filmmaker Adam Rifkin (The Chase, The Dark Backward, Detroit Rock City) follows around actor Giuseppe Andrews (Never Been Kissed, Cabin Fever, Independence Day) as he gets his Harmony Korine on while making his latest low-fi opus Garbanzo Gas. An accomplished filmmaker in his own right, Andrews has been making oddball oddities […]

Hot Docs 2014 Line-Up Announced

All 197 films for this year's 21st annual Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival were announced today, including opening night film The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

Vic + Flo Saw a Bear Review

Although the ending feels suspiciously forced, Quebecois auteur Denis Cote's Vic + Flo Saw a Bear boasts rich characters, great humor, well done suspense, excellent performances, and a hyper-realistic sense of emotion and setting

Bestiaire Review

It might just be wordless shots of animals if you want to be reductive about it, but Denis Cote's Bestiaire feels transcendent, contemplative, and almost zen like in its opposition to the kinds of nature films audiences have grown accustomed to.

Contest: See Bestiaire in Toronto

Hi-ho everyone! In honour of a simple film from one of Canada’s best filmmakers, let’s keep this contest simple. We have your chance to catch Denis Cote’s new documentary BESTIAIRE when it debuts at The Royal in Toronto starting on Friday, December 7th. Along the rhythm of the changing seasons they watch one another. Bestiaire […]