Fantasia’s First Wave Announcement is Ready for Your Eyeballs

If there is one place you would expect perseverance and adaption, it is a genre film festival. The unknown future and imminent apocalypse have been imagined long before these fests existed, and they know that there are plenty of stories to still be told after the world as we know it disappears. Coming hot off […]

Fantasia 2019: Swallow Review

Swallow was not afraid to hold back when it comes to disturbing subject matter, but it doesn't simply exist to shock its audience with gratuitous amounts of gore.

Fantasia 2019: The Art of Self Defense Review

It seems harder and harder to find movies that can balance style and substance, fortunately Riley Stearns' new film The Art of Self Defense – starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots – does so perfectly.

Horoscopics: The Top 10 Pisces Season Movies

It's Pisces season! Pisces' are the dreamers of the Zodiac, full of intense emotions, they are attuned to vibes that can’t be seen with just your eyes. Here is a list of top ten movies to ease you into the energies of the season.