Jack Huston

Interview: John Krokidas

Dork Shelf talks to Kill Your Darlings director John Krokidas about humbling your idols, the Beat Generation, youthful ambitions, working with Daniel Radcliffe, and wondering aloud about Glen Danzig’s past

Not Fade Away Review

While admirably personal to a small degree and brimming with appropriate 1960s period detail, Sopranos creator David Chase's first feature film Not Fade Away cloyingly drones on about how hard the late sixties were, how great the Stones are, and is designed to appeal to no one other than Chase's closest friends.

Boardwalk Empire Episode 2.1 Review

Boardwalk Empire – the star-studded prohibition era drama from HBO - returned to our television screens with a bang this past weekend. The show seems to have found its footing right out of the gate, and is at its well-acted, violent, multi-faceted best in this season's opening episode – titled “21” for the year portrayed (1921).