Olga Kurylenko

The Death Of Stalin Review

The Death of Stalin is probably the finest and funniest political satire since the last time Armando Iannucci pointed his poison pen at the subject

The Water Diviner Review

Nothing is subtle in Russell Crowe’s directorial debut, The Water Diviner, in which a bereaved father travels halfway across the world to bring his deceased sons home after World War I, but it's not without its entertainment value.

Blu-Ray Round-Up: 8/5/13

This week at the video store we check out new Blu-Rays for recent releases Trance, To the Wonder, Oblivion, and Olympus Has Fallen, and two new Criterion releases for The Devil's Backbone and Lord of the Flies.

Erased Review

The entirety of the lacklustre thriller Erased can be summed up in one elongated yawning sound effect.

Oblivion Review

Although somewhat lacking in terms of an all around original story, Oblivion is still a great vehicle for star Tom Cruise and even better for up and coming director Joseph Kosinski.

To the Wonder Review

It's as hard to clearly decipher as any other Terrence Malick film since Badlands, but when dealing with a subject as irrational as love like he does in To the Wonder it's fitting and beautiful in equal amounts.