Robert Redford

Cathedrals of Culture Review

Cathedrals of Culture is a collection of six short films from world class directors that gorgeously looks at some of the best buildings on Earth in 3D.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Delivering a good stand alone story and not getting too far bogged down in Avengers mythology, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a great follow-up to one of the best films Marvel Studios has produced to date.

All is Lost Review

All is Lost might be the sparsest of the recent glut of survival dramas in the past few weeks, the sparsest of the bunch by far, but also boasts great set pieces and an incredible leading performance from Robert Redford, who hasn’t had a role this good since Out of Africa in 1985.

The Company You Keep Review

The Company You Keep, the latest thriller from actor and director Robert Redford is almost quaint in terms of how unpretentious it is despite subject material and a stacked cast of familiar faces that could have been so much more than this. But it's that smallness that makes it all that much better.

This Week in… Festivals

No DVD column this week, but we'll return with it next week. Instead, we take a look at a whopping FIVE film festivals kicking off in Toronto this week: the 7th annual Canadian Film Fest, the Canadian Music Week Film Fest, Water Docs, the 13th annual aluCine Latin Film Festival, and Creepy Christian Cinema.

Nine Non-Bonds at the Lightbox

In honour of the release of the latest 007 adventure, the TIFF Bell Lightbox takes a look at some of the other spy thrillers that came out of the legacy of James Bond in Beyond Bond: The Other Secret Agents.