Scare Me Review: You Have Never Seen A Fireside Chat Like This

Putting a writer in a cabin in the woods is a more classic setup for a horror film than starting a joke with “Knock, knock.” But Scare Me is different. It is smart, scary, and not quite like anything we have seen before. The loose premise for the film is Fred ( played by writer/ […]

Spiral Review: Not Entirely Lost

Spiral is a bit of a horror tropes mishmash, but at its core it holds the fear of being different or misunderstood for merely being true to yourself. The film starts like so many other horror films: with a family moving to a new town. Couple Malik (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) and Aaron (Ari Cohen) are clearly […]

The Beach House Review: Sunny Summer Scares

The Beach House is smart. It has smart characters, a smart “monster,” and a smart main character. It assumes its audience is smart and never talks down to them. But best of all, it is effective, terrifying and unpredictable, and downright perfectly gross. The Beach House starts out like so many horror films, in a […]