TIFF review

TIFF 2023: Mandoob Review

Mandoob is at once a tragic farce, a melancholic elegy for the many, and an incisive commentary about life in Saudi Arabia.

TIFF 2022: The Inspection Review

“Are you in trouble?” Such is the greeting uttered by Gabrielle Union’s Inez towards her son, in an early scene of Elegance Bratton’s debut narrative feature The Inspection. But although it sets a portentous tone for its protagonist’s journey, this drama surprisingly evolves into an uplifting true story of queer identity. The Inspection centers on […]

TIFF 2019: The Aeronauts Review

The Aeronauts is top-flight escapism that lets audiences soar high above the clouds starring the wonderful screen team of Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne.

TIFF 2019: Joker Video Review

Is the highly anticipated standalone JOKER movie – starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular clown prince of crime – worthwhile without the Caped Crusader anywhere in sight?