Timothy Spall

Denial Review

Denial tells the true story of David Irving (Timothy Spall), a British "historian" who dedicated his “career” to proving the Holocaust didn't happen.

Mr. Turner Review

A major achievement for writer/director Mike Leigh and actor Timothy Spall, Mr. Turner is a biopic worthy of its sometimes ornery subject.

TIFF 2014: Mr. Turner Review

Mr. Turner Special Presentations Mr. Turner encapsulates the spirit and intent of the kind of stories that writer/director Mike Leigh likes to tell. When you aren’t laughing your face off at his latest, you’re in a dark, deeply emotional state. J.M.W. Turner (Timothy Spall), isn’t a household name, but before Renoir or Monet, he was […]

The Love Punch Review

The Love Punch wants to be a pleasant caper comedy where old people get a second lease on life, but it's actually offensive to the intelligence of any audience member who watches it and to it's over qualified cast.