TIFF 2013: Watermark Review



Special Presentation

Directors: Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky

How does water shape us and how do we shape it in return?  That’s the question at the heart of this visually stunning film. Photographer Edward Burtynsky and filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal (Manufactured Landscapes) have collaborated again, creating a journey to explore the true value and necessity of one of our most squandered yet precious resources.

Filmed across 10 countries, Watermark inspires with breathtaking high impact imagery. The impressive use of aerial and time lapse filming, pieces are layered in a visual crescendo that moves the mind. From the shores of the Ganges where thousands of bright colored bodies conduct their rituals of the dead, to massive infrastructure in Asia, the film meanders across the globe weaving an impressive and compelling illustration of our relationship with water.

Stepping away from the more usual commodity theme, Watermark invites us, skillfully, to recognize our cultural and industrial connection to water. (Eric Marchen)

For a full length review of this film from its proper theatrical release (written by Andrew Parker) please click here.

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