TIFF 2018 The Shelf Guide

TIFF 2018: The Shelf’s Festival Guide

Bringing together more than half a million movie lovers and hundreds of films from around the world, TIFF 2018 has a whole lot to offer. And as always, Dork Shelf will be covering as many festival films as we can, bringing you TIFF-related reviews, interviews, features, and more.

This page – Dork Shelf’s Festival Guide – will be your one-stop shop for all of that coverage and will be updated frequently throughout the duration of the festival!

Posts designated as *NEW* have been added within the past 24 hours.


Angel – Contemporary World Cinema (Daniel Grant)


El Angel – Discovery (Noah R. Taylor)

Angelo – Platform (Daniel Grant)

A Star is Born – Gala Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Blind Spot – Discovery (Michael McNeely)


Burning – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Climax – Midnight Madness (Jason Gorber)

Cold War – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Complicity – Discovery (Michael McNeely)


Core of the World – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

Destroyer – Platform (Platform)

Dogman – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Endzeit – Discovery (Daniel Grant)


EXT. Night – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

First Man – Gala Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Greta – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Green Book – Gala Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)


The Grizzlies – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Halloween – Midnight Madness (Phil Brown)

If Beale Street Could Talk – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

The Innocent – Platform (Michael McNeely)

Kingsway – Contemporary World Cinema (Daniel Grant)

Kursk– Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Let Me Fall – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

The Man Who Feels No Pain – Midnight Madness (Noah R. Taylor)

Mid90s – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

MOUTHPIECE – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Phoenix – Discovery (Michael McNeely)

The Predator – Midnight Madness (Phil Brown)

Roads in February – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

Roma – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Shadow – Gala Presentations (Phil Brown)

Sibel – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

The Sisters Brothers – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Stupid Young Heart – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

Summer Survivors – Discovery (Michael McNeely)

The Sweet Requiem – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

What They Had – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

White Boy Rick – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Wildlife – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Working Woman – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)