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Todd & the Book of Pure Evil Season Finale

If you’re one of the many people who think Canadian TV is crappy, maybe it’s time you stop tuning in to Little Mosque on the Prairie and start watching SPACE network’s Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. This home-grown Canuck series finishes off tonight with an hour long bound to be epic season finale and believe us, this show is worth watching.

Based on a short film by Craig David Wallace & Max Reid , Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is a wickedly funny 13 episode horror-comedy series that manages to deliver both the gross-outs and the laughs. Todd is a regular high school kid who just wants to be a metal god, win the heart of the smart and chestically-gifted Jenny and get baked with his best friend. But it’s tough being a rock star when you’re accompanied by a one-armed drummer and everyone at school thinks they can jerk off better than you can play. It’s also hard to impress the girl of your dreams when she’s already dating the biggest asshat/best guitarist in school.

Everything changes when Todd discovers a mysterious book that can make your desires come true, but with horrific side effects. Long to be better endowed? The book can make it so. But don’t be surprised when a vicious “cockmonster” goes on a rampage. That’s right, a cockmonster. After Todd discovers the true nature of the book, he teams up with Jenny (whose father’s inexplicable disappearance is somehow linked) and his amputee best friend Curtis to track it down and destroy it. Little does he know that darker forces are at work and that he’s not the only one who wants to get his hands on the book.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - Alex House and Billy Turnbull

Although the show isn’t flawless and the CG ranges from cheesy to almost laughably bad, Todd makes up for it in other ways. It’s pretty damn funny, partly thanks to a great recurring cameo by Jason Mewes (Jay of Jay and Silent Bob) as the school custodian and some pretty gnarly manifestations of evil. What other show on TV features vicious homunculi, zombies and human fat monsters?


The best part about Todd might be the dialogue. Like most high school shows it features plenty of unrequited love, public embarrassment, a jerkwad guidance counselor and plenty of angst. However unlike most G-rated teen schlock, this show has a pretty rad case of trucker mouth. The colourful language and hilarious one-liners on Todd and the Book of Pure Evil make this show quite watchable. Don’t be surprised if some of Todd’s salty phrases make their way into your vocabulary. Douchecake anyone?

You can catch the Todd & the Book of Pure Evil season finale tonight at 9 p.m. on SPACE.