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True Blood Episode 4.7 Recap

True Blood Episode 4.7 - Deborah Ann Wall and Stephen Moyer

I was interested to see how Alan Ball would follow up last week’s all over the map episode of True Blood. What started out as an exciting, plot-packed hour ended as a cringe worthy, softcore porn Twilight tribute (albeit with a good soundtrack). Thankfully he managed to maintain the excitement without the cheese this week in ‘Cold Grey Light of Dawn’.

The ancient and powerful witch Antonia has now taken complete control of Marnie’s body. Oh, and did I mention that she’s kinda pissed? Marnie lures one of her captors, Sheriff Luis, into her cell. Turns out he was one of the vampire priests who raped her years before and she’s not quite ready to forgive and forget. Antonia sends Luis to Bill with a message (“I’m back, bitches!”) and a silver bullet. Bill manages to gain the upperhand and Luis reveals all with his dying breath: “Resurrection.” Now fully understanding Antonia’s plan to make all vampires walk in the sun, Bill commands his sheriffs to evacuate the district and advises all remaining vamps to bind themselves with silver while they sleep in order to avoid the true death.

Back to Eric and Sookie now – wait… they’re STILL going at it? Aren’t they tired? Come on guys, not in the kitchen! When they’re finally done boning, Eric asks Sookie if she’ll still want him when he gets his memory back. Uh… yes? Bill drops by Sookie’s house and picks up on her and Eric’s post-coital glow. Awkward, but Bill keeps his cool. He only came to give them silver chains for Sookie to bind Eric with. Bill warns Sookie, “If you love him, you will do this.”

Melty-face Pam is trying to decide who to eat first – Tara or her girlfriend Naomi – when her mealtime is rudely interrupted by a bunch of gawking iPhone clutching locals (‘Holy crap, now there’s zombies?!’). She lets them both go, but vows that she will find Tara and finish her off at a later date. Naomi tries to talk Tara into leaving with her, but Tara knows there’s no running from a vampire. Since everyone she’s ever dated has wound up dead, she says it’s over and Naomi takes off. After complaining about how sick and tired she is of being attacked by supernaturals at every turn, has the bright idea of WALKING DOWN A DARK ROAD BY HERSELF. Idiot. Lucky for her this time it’s Marnie/Antonia who finds her. Antonia feeds into Tara’s hatred of vampires and convinces her to join the cause.


Jesus freaks out at his wizard grandfather for almost killing him with a snake and says he’s just lucky that the spirit of his uncle was there to save him. His grandfather is unapologetic and cryptically says that it was all for Layfayette’s benefit – an attempt to show him that his skills as a medium can’t be suppressed any longer. “You could have just fucking said so.” shoots back Lafayette. Yes, but that wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic, now would it? Later, Lafayette realizes that he can’t run from his new status as a medium when he sees the Creole spirit following baby Mikey around. He sees dead people. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Debbie and Alcide get sworn into their new wolf pack but Alcide doesn’t feel like celebrating much when all he can think about is Sookie alone in the woods. This gets cured quickly when he and Debbie stumble upon Sookie and Eric’s bangfest extravaganza in the woods. Later, Debbie confronts Alcide about his feelings for Sookie but he swears that he’s not interested in her. Well played, Alcide. Maybe seeing her with Eric cured him of his Sookie sickness for good? Hmmm, not likely.

Poor Jason is trying everything he can not to think about Jessica. Hoyt swings by to check up on him and ends up spilling his guts about his crumbling relationship with Jessica. She’s slipping away and he can’t stand the thought of losing her. Gulp.

Tommy gets hospitalized for ‘food poisoning’ and Sam picks him up in the ER. Later when Sam booty calls, he seems surprised when she tears him a new one. Pretty soon the put two and two together and realize that Tommy’s recent murderous act has turned him into a skinwalker.


Sam confronts Tommy (by ‘confront’ I mean wake him up with a choke hold) and tells him to leave because they’re through as brothers. Apparently Sam was willing to let the whole ‘murdering their parents thing’ thing slide, but sleeping with his lady friend?! That’s the last damn straw.

Antonia gathers her coven along with the new recruits and gets them fired up with a speech about avenging those who have suffered at the hands of vampires. She begins to lead them in a cryptic chant. As the dawn approches, Bill and Jessica prepare to sleep under silver chains and behind bars for their own protection with Pam and Eric following suit. Sookie recalls another time she saw Eric bound in silver: when he offered up his life to the Fellowship of the Sun in exchange for Godric and Sookie’s lives. Eric says he doesn’t want his memory back because he’s happy with her now and remembering his past life would ruin everything.

Jason visits Sookie and she tells him about Antonia’s plan to make all vampires meet the true death, but he can think only of Jessica and takes off to find her. Not sure what he thinks he’s going to do, but sure. The spell begins to take hold and the pale-faced Bon-Temps residents who didn’t bind themselves are walking out their front doors and bursting into flames – cool! Jessica can’t fight the powerful magic any longer and she breaks free of her chains and beelines for the door as it fades to white. Nice touch.

How will Jason save Jessica? He probably hasn’t figured that part out yet either. Find out next week!


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