Verona Trailer and Poster Premiere

Get set for a vivid coming-of-age drama shot and set in a small hamlet in Eastern Ontario. Named after its location in South Frontenac County, Verona screened earlier this year at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival and its director and writer, Sebastian Back, was a part of the 2019 Telefilm Talent to Watch cohort.

The Canadian film follows teen Camila (Kat Kahn, Gay Mean Girls) who, after her grandfather passes away, takes to wandering aimlessly between her parent’s house, her church and her adolescence. With its languid, summery feel, and a riveting performance by lead Kahn, Verona is a sharp-eyed take on that emotional, pivotal point between youthful experimentation and adult responsibilities. Back’s striking debut feature also stars Andy Marshall and Yanna McIntosh.

Watch the brand-new trailer below, and scroll down for the poster and release details.

The Verona poster:


Verona poster

Verona will screen in select theatres starting November 3.