Funko Ghostbusters New York Toy Fair

Shelf Worthy: Funko’s New York Toy Fair Announcements

Most of the figures are available for pre-order at major retailers – or on shelves now!

The first quarter of each year provides toy companies with two opportunities to showcase upcoming products and reveal new lines. The first is London Toy Fair in January and the second is a few weeks later in New York. Collectors watch for news from each of these events to see what they can look forward to in the year ahead. Traditionally, Funko uses these events to reveal upcoming lines to fans with rapid fire social media posts of never-before-seen products, as well as video tours of their booth.

Toy Fair New York announcements ranged from Pop! to Vynl to Rock Candy to Pop! keychain to 5 Star to Savage World to SuperCute Plush, as well as a significant commitment to the recently launched Pop! PEZ product line.

However, Funko also seized the opportunity to unveil a brand-new category called Pop! Town. Inspired by the classic Christmas village display figures, each set in this line includes an original Pop! character sculpt and an iconic building.

The first to be included in this innovative collection are:


  • The Ghostbusters’ Peter Venkman covered in marshmallow goo and the team’s fire station headquarters;
  • An unsuspecting Scooby-Doo and a haunted mansion filled with ghosts; and
  • SpongeBob SquarePants with Gary the Snail on his head and his whimsical pineapple house.

Unfortunately the Pop!s can’t be placed inside the buildings, but the detail is still amazing and they’ll make great display pieces for collectors.

Over 24 hours, Funko posted nearly 60 reveals, including brand new licenses and extended lines for existing ones. They covered almost every category, including animation, comics, icons, movies, music, sports and television. Exciting fresh lines include:

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Most of the figures are available for pre-order at major retailers, while some have already started hitting store shelves.