Canadian film

Backcountry Review

Backcountry is getting released in select cities across Canada this weekend and should be embraced by those proud of the local talent and landscapes is presents, but is it more than just another 'lost in the woods' thriller?

Guidance Review

A very competent first outing for director/ star Pat Mills in this dramedy that addresses failure, honesty and sexuality.

Thought Bubble: How To Fix Canadian Cinema

Canadian movies and TV have a bad rep. CANADALAND's Jesse Brown talked to Jay Baruchel about how we fix this, and inadvertently hit upon something that could actually be the key to improving our onscreen cultural landscape.

CFF Interview: Shooting The Musical

"I basically said to myself because we have no one financing this film, let鈥檚 make the film that no one would finance." and other great quotes from Joel Ashton McCarthy who wrote and directed a comedy about film school grads making a High School shooting musical.