Noomi Rapace

Stockholm Review

A wild bank robbery kicks off the absurd but true story based on the bank heist and hostage crisis that took place in Stockholm in 1973 in director Robert Budreau's latest film with Ethan Hawke.

Passion Review

Watching Passion, the latest film from noted auteur and generally inconsistent filmmaker Brian De Palma, feels a lot like getting caught watching low-grade 1980s softcore Cinemax porn by a fatherly figure that lets loose a giant fart when he walks into the room. It’s embarrassing and morbidly funny to see happen, but that doesn’t make it a pleasant experience.


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TIFF 2012 Reviews: Part 8

Following a much earned day off from posting that saw us watching even more movies and preparing more interviews, we return with part 8 of our TIFF 2012 coverage with looks at The Lords of Salem, Zaytoun, Reality, Passion, Byzantium, The Act of Killing, The Suicide Shop, and Hellbenders.

This Week in DVD: 6/12/12

We review a whopping 7 films currently out on DVD. There's a whole bunch of good, not great and a couple of real stinkers as we look at Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Machine Gun Preacher, The Collapsed, Madison County, The Prodigies, and Demoted

Prometheus Review

A forced attempt to resurrect the Alien franchise, Prometheus disappoints with a jarring combination of stunning visuals and a terribly half-baked script.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review

I have a new hero, and her name is Lizbeth Salander. She is smarter than most men give her credit for; tougher than her dark and heavily pierced exterior would ever lead you to believe; she is damaged, but she fights back. And she knows how to bring the most evil of men (and the […]