TIFF 2013: Only Lovers Left Alive Review

"only lovers left alive"
Only Lovers Left Alive

Special Presentation

Director: Jim Jarmusch

It’s easy to get lost in a song, which explains why it’s so easy to immerse yourself in Jim Jarmusch’s wandering snow globes. From the Memphis ghosts of Mystery Train to the street bred samurai of Ghost Dog, Jarmusch embraces musical influence in a very literal way. In Only Lovers Left Alive, he continues with the undead jive of fuzzy garage rock through skinny junkie vampires.


The misanthropic Adam (Tom Hiddleston), elitist in his own genius and bemoaning of a civilization he deems endlessly unappreciative, finds very little to be happy about; a big problem considering he’s immortal. To cheer him up, his wife Eve (the also pale Tilda Swinton), decides to pay him a visit in his decrepit Detroit manor.

Opening with Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel of Love”, Lovers syncs better with Jarmusch fans than the recent plagues of vampire fanatics. Even though they must drink human blood to continue on living, the film mostly centers on the two creatures of the night cruising through the motor city, waxing about urban rock and roll history and a wasted America instead of events in their thirst for blood. Heavily comparing feeding to getting other fixes, Jim’s found another supernatural pairing with an undying musical vibe. (Zack Kotzer)


Thursday, September 5th, Ryerson Theatre, 9:00pm

Saturday, September 7th, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 12:15pm


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